Spilling Weight Loss Beans

Weight loss isn’t an easy task. More than time, you will have to invest sweat and blood in order to get the body that you would want to flaunt under the heat of summer.

Every day, you are faced with a new fad diet, a new fact on weight loss, new product, pills on slimming down, a new food with weight loss wonders and a new program to reduce weight or hcg diet. Every day is a new weight loss adventure.

This day is a start of your weight loss adventure.

Losing weight is multifactorial. You will need to tap into various areas to achieve excellent and visible results. Lifestyle and behavioral modifications are among the many ways to reshape your life and ultimately lose extra waistline inches in the end.

Some tips that you might want to think about.

  1. Go Green and Fibrous! It’s probably about time to go GREEK. Greeks often serve their meals with fresh greens and fruits topped by olive oil. This type of serving can greatly reduce inches on your belly. Fibrous greens help regulate bowel movement, keep your gut going, remove toxins and make you feel full sooner and at longer periods. In short, you get to less and yet feel satiated.
  2. Consider Eggs for Breakfast. According to some studies, 2 eggs per breakfast can certainly make you slimmer in due time.
  3. Vitamin C in Fruits. Vitamin C is involved in the fat metabolism cycle. It is a component of citrus fruits such as grapefruits, cherries and oranges which is important in the breakdown of fat.
  4. milkMilk and Dairies – A Great Help. Calcium which is present in majority, if not all, of the dairy products is a major component in fat metabolism. According to studies, calcium can hasten combustion of fat.
  5. Hard Drinks Down the Drain. You might want to consider the amount of alcohol that you take in on a daily basis. One study shows that hard drinks decrease your metabolism by more than 50%. Now, that’s a hard hit.
  6. Don’t Go Easy. Get rid of the simple habits that make your life simply easy. Working out even in simple and small ways can make a difference. Rather than sitting while on the phone, consider standing up or walking around. Rather than taking a coffee break with a friend, why not take a 5-minute stroll? Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs. Take buses rather than cabs. Public utility vehicles give you an opportunity to walk and stand – burn down more calories than you know. When depressed, rather than eating why not take a jog or do an outdoor activity that you love most?
  7. Dress to Impress. At some point, what you wear can give you the advantage of looking way thinner than you are. Choose your clothes appropriately. If you are an XL, get rid of too much ruffles. Pay attention to your assets. Complement colors and avoid one-hue outfits.