Function of Medical Alert Systems

Seeking for help most especially in times of medical problems is considered to be one important emergency case.

When a person’s life is in danger, it is a must that one should be alert and must act quickly to avoid creating more damage to the person’s health.

If you are far from a hospital or a health system, one very helpful thing to do is to have a direct contact to emergency health personnel or to any hospital nearby. This is probably the reason why medical alert systems are an important tool in a community.

What is a Medical Alert System?

A Medical Alert System is a device that when activated is directly connected to a health personnel or to a hospital. This device originated and was first innovated in Germany in the early 1970s.

It was specially made for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients so that they could contact the hospital when they need intense help when it comes to the status of their health.

Therefore this Medical Alert System was designed to help those people in their homes such as the elderly, severely sick and non-ambulatory patients that when they encounter problems with their health such as severe pain or difficulty of breathing, they could use their Medical Alert System and a health care provider from a nearby hospital could come to their homes.

How does this Medical Alert System work?

Normally, if a person gets sick or severely injured, the first thing that he or the people around him would do is to call an emergency hotline. This would then be followed by an ambulance arriving to the site of the patient is located.

Sometimes, the sick person, if he or she has someone with him or her during that time, would rather go to the hospital by themselves.

But what if the sick person is left alone at home and at the moment that he needs immediate medical attention, he could not get up to call the emergency hotline nor drive himself to the hospital.

The Medical Alert System provides a solution to this. The design is that most of the devices are in two pieces, one for the patient and the other one is at the hospital.

medical alert systemIn some designs, the device is designed as a bracelet or anything that can be worn on the body and this would have a button that he could use in cases that he needs medical attention.

So the patient no longer needs to stand up when he needs help because he just needs to press the button whenever he thinks that he is not feeling well. On the other side of the device that is located at the hospital, the health care personnel will be able to monitor it.

Once the device signals an emergency from that certain patient, they could immediately act on it and go the patient’s house in a brief amount of time. Thus the usefulness of medical alert system in non-ambulatory patients is indeed priceless.

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